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Patricia Parker

October 18, 2018

Patricia Parker, of Felton, Delaware, passed away October 18, 2018 at home at the age of 58.  She was the daughter of the late Robert and Dorothy Mullane Sr.

Following in the footsteps of her father Robert, Pat proudly served in the United States Air Force after high school for seven years despite muscular and nerve disabilities (later in life she would be diagnosed with (Charcotâ “Marie“ Tooth disease). She was honorably discharged as an E-4 SGT, and continued working for the military contractor DynCorp as a Tools and Parts Attendant / Consolidated Toolkit Manager / Technical Order Reviser for more than 14 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom.

A complex and creative person, Pat loved to read and write, watch sitcoms and crime dramas, and make, share and enjoy internet memes on facebook and icanhascheezburger. She loved arts and crafts, maintaining her own toolkits for do-it-yourself projects, and spending time with her cat Doodle Bug. She enjoyed cooking and crochet, and was always ready with a cynical witticism or snarky retort-- a trait some found off-putting, but others admired.  She spoke her mind and had a distaste for pretentiousness and hypocrisy, but always provided a (sometimes unsolicited) guiding word to friends, family, and strangers alike. A private person who liked to socialize with her closest friends online and in real life, Pat had a flair for fashion and liked to have her hair styled and treated from time to time.  She was a proud person who lived life on her own terms, spoiled her grandchildren, and was a regular supporter of the Arbor Day Foundation, ASPCA, and the United Service Organizations.

Pat is survived by her brother Robert Mullane Jr. and sister Peggy Mullane; sons Adam Parker (Alesha) and Cory Parker (Rachel); daughter Chelsey Parker (Jarel Sage); and four grandchildren: Parker and Archer Sage, and Sean and Tyler Parker. Her family continues with nephew Trevor Mullane (Ali) and niece Bridget Gorka (Kyle); and lastly grand-niece Molly Mullane.

 Pat will be interred at Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Millsboro, Delaware with full veteran honors near to her departed parents, in keeping with her final wishes.



An under-dog sits beneath a tree

Of draping fronds on a hill. Winds whisper to me-

They say, Tend to your rest... just underneath

That willow ahead; it and he, company.


Willows time past have been passed by before

And there is really no gripe with most hounds at hand-

Winds keep me from reaching a more everyday lore,

So I try not to claim known what may change in this land.


You're one and the same, with convincing persuasion,

You see what he sees the Winds don't fail to mention,

And what right have I to embark on Life's Leaving

After traveling alone, after walking while sleeping...?


I decide to abide them; dog looks up and I shake

Marked by grooves some clumsy creature has scraped

Accidental pacts in Willow's skin- how unfair!

To tarnish natural beauty with such one-sided care!


I draw nearer to place a hand on the heart-

Upon etched ridges of the bittersweet scar.

Cold to the touch- "They; Never I." reads the mark

The under-dog shrugs, and gives voice his bark;


See, he proudly announces that most of the time

In the shade of a tree it is tender to lie

Under a willow's lonely favor and thrive-

Leading my isolated, canopied, hourglass life.


There's not much I can do to ebb or contain

A forgotten willow's lamentations and pain¦

When the roots delve past what's known and far deeper-

So best leave it wait for some heavenly keeper.â


What is it, I wonder, in weeping willow's attire

That makes dogs mar its aura while others retire

Away from attention given with selfish care

To alike the fake, as well the weary aware?


In each of us, hounds and willows forever remain

Eternally a partnership (true likeness contained)-

But the weather-beaten beauty of hunkered limbs betray

To the traveler, the loner, your splendor always.


Time and perception always fell short for us. We will always love you, Mom.



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